About Us

Objectives: DTU-DCE Fraternity Forum is a forum of alumni, students and faculty and provides a platform for networking, interaction & exchange of ideas on technical/managerial issues, personal & professional growth and extending help to each other. It is a novel attempt to bring the three stake holders of DTU/ DCE on a common platform for creating synergy without which long term sustainable excellence is not possible.

Idea: The idea of creating this Forum was conceptualised by Dr. Navneet Kumar Sharma, an alumnus of 1985 (Mech.) batch of DCE. The Forum was founded on 2nd June, 2020 with some prominent fraternity members. A meeting of office bearers of Central Organisation, Chapters and Committees was held on 22nd August, 2020, on the auspicious occasion of “Ganesh Chaturthi” whereinthe future course of action was finalised and it was resolved to actively pursue the objectives of the Forum. Subsequently, on the first day of “Shardiya Navratri” on 17th October, 2020 the website, online (free) membership and Chapters of the Forum were inaugurated.

Uniqueness of the Forum: The Fraternity Forum is different from alumni association which is an association of only alumni whereas Forum connects alumni, students as well as faculty and intends to leverage strength of alumni to help each other, students & alma mater. Also, the Forum does not have any bank account.

Logo: The logo of the Forum has three hands in it, representing students, alumni and faculty. The hand in earthen colour represents faculty, the one in green colour represents students and the one in sky blue represents the omnipresent alumni. In between there a lamp which represents knowledge and the spirit of giving as the lamp means दिया in Hindi.

Motto: The motto of the Forum is सहयोगेनसर्वसिद्धि: meaning that everything is possible through co-operation.

Committees: In order to help the students several committees viz. Membership & Mentorship Committee, Internship & Placement Committee, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Promotion Committee, Industry Interface & Sponsorship Committee, Scholarships Committee, Publications Committee, Social Works Committee, Sports Committee and Cultural Committees have been formed.

Chapters: The Forum has opened Chapters in several states of India (Bihar, Haryana & Punjab, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Maharashtra and Karnataka) and also overseas(Australia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore & UAE). We intend to further increase the geographical foot print of the Forum both in India and abroad.

Activities: The Forum regularly organizes various events for its members for holistic development of all concerned. The focus of the Forum besides networking is to help in grooming of the students by organising various interactive events with the help of our illustrious alumni and prominent persons in various fields.The details of various events held for this purpose are given under the heading “Events” on the home page of our website.

Know Your Alumni: To strengthen the networking and instil a sense of pride in the students of DTU, the Forum has started a series “Know your Alumni” wherein the alumni who have made a mark in their respective fields are introduced and the same is available on our website under the heading “Know your Alumni”.

Life Membership & Members Login: The Forum provides online (free) membership to the fraternity of DTU-DCE. Keeping in view our objectives, we have provided search facility on our website to our members, based on location, organisation, batch & hobbies etc. As we grow, we intend to provide more benefits to our members.

Presence on Social Media: The Forum is also on Facebook & LinkedIn by the same name and also on Twitter (DTUDCEForum) & Instagram (dtudcefraternity) which you may like to join. The Forum is having its YouTube channel on which the various events organised are available.