Scholarships Committee

Joint Secretary – Shri Mihir Mathur

Shri Mihir MathurMihir Mathur is a DTU student of B.Tech. ( Civil Engineering) batch graduating in 2025. His pursuit of excellence has been recognized on a National Level, as he earned the prestigious Gold Medal in the National Science Olympiad organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation. Demonstrating his prowess in coding, he also received the Gold Medal in the GeekforGeeks Geek Olympics, a testament to his technical acumen. Not limiting himself to academics alone, Mihir has shown a keen interest in science exhibitions. His projects have earned him regional recognition and he was selected twice for the National Science Exhibition. One notable project, the Magnetic Levitation Train, impressed many and highlighted his innovative thinking. His talents extend beyond the realms of science and engineering. Even in his elementary years, he showcased his artistic skills, winning an art competition at AIIMS, New Delhi, and competing against candidates much senior to him. He has taken up leadership roles at DTU, serving for various cultural councils and events. He was also the Class Representative for the academic session 2021-22. During the same year, He also received DTU Merit Scholarship. Furthermore, he also lead a research team at the National Physical Laboratory, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), India, where, the team achieved a milestone by synthesizing the 4th Allotrope of Carbon under the guidance of esteemed scientists.