Membership & Mentorship Committee

Joint Secretary – Shri Sushant Nagi

Shri Sushant NagiSushant Nagi is an Engineering Physics undergraduate from the 2021 admission batch. He actively contributes to the college community through various roles and commitments.

He is involved in intellectual discourse on campus, as the Director of Debating at Deltech MUN and Debsoc.

He also serves as the Project Head at STEP DTU, leading the project ‘MentorLink’, facilitating connections between seniors and freshmen for a smoother transition to university. His role as the Class Representative (CR) showcases his commitment to representing the collective interests of the students.

Beyond Academia and other commitments, Sushant actively participates in Youth Parliaments, where he hones his leadership and advocacy skills. He represents the University in the Lawn Tennis team.