1. The membership of the Forum is free and open only for Alumni, Faculty (current as well as former) and students of DTU (formerly, Delhi College of Engineering).

2. The membership is subject to verification of details submitted by the applicant.

3. The Forum reserves the right to grant membership of the Forum and reject the application without assigning any reason.

4. The Forum does not have any bank account. Those who are granted membership of the Forum must never collect money in the name of the Forum. In case any member is found to collect money in the name of the Forum, his membership shall be terminated with immediate effect and further necessary action shall also be initiated against him.

5. Since one of the main objectives of the Forum is to facilitate networking , the contact details of member can be shared through limited search facility to all the members and through specific request to admin through email, only if the applicant checks the box to this effect at the time of applying for membership. In case an applicant does not wish to share his details with other members of the Forum, he/ she will also not be allowed to access other members details.

6. Any member acting against the interests of the Forum shall be removed from the membership of the Forum.

7. Every member of the Forum is expected to contribute towards the objectives of the Forum and help in networking of the fraternity.

8. Although every effort has been taken to secure the website by hosting it on secure server (with SSL Certification), the Forum does not take any responsibility in the event of hacking/ virus attack.

9. Terms and conditions are subject to periodic review by the Forum. Members are requested to see the website for the same.

10. The Forum or it’s Office Bearers are not liable for any fallout of any decision taken by anybody based on the information provided on the website.

11. I certify that the information given by me in this form is true & correct. I understand that in case any of the information furnished by me is found to be incorrect at any stage I shall be liable for legal action against me.